Few things will brighten your office, workspace, or warehouse faster than repainting. A fresh coat of paint can improve the lighting and acoustics of your building, and it also contributes to employee safety and morale. Unfortunately, business owners often neglect to repaint the ceilings of their commercial and/or industrial space, and this can deduct greatly from the overall effect of a new paint job.

Commercial painting contractors know that there are a number of reasons you should not neglect your ceilings during commercial interior painting. For one thing, a freshly painted ceiling can greatly enhance the lighting in your building. Improving the quality of the lighting in your office or workspace can improve production and employee morale as well as reduce the possibility of work-related accidents.

Repainting or coating your ceilings can improve the sound quality in your industrial space too. The commercial interior painting experts at Apex Painting in Conyers GA know that acoustic paints and coatings drastically decrease sound-leakage. This can be desirable if, for example, a company uses loud machinery. Often spaces with high ceilings, such as warehouses and hangers, will also produce unwanted echos. This too can be remedied with the proper ceiling coat.



One unwanted effect of high ceilings is that they can make your space feel less warm and intimate. A cold, detached-feeling workspace can affect employee morale which can result ultimately in lower production. One way to counter this is to choose a warm color for your ceiling. Creating a more intimate-feeling environment can have a significant psychological effect on employees, potential sales, and other visitors to your business.


It may seem a bit unorthodox, but commercial painting contractors know that papering your ceiling with the right pattern paper (and there are literally tens of thousands of patterns available) can really enhance the overall look and mood of your industrial space. To give your office, warehouse, or even your home a unique and vibrant look and feel, consider wallpaper for your ceilings.


To add a bit of flourish to your ceilings, try using a metallic finish paint, or a glaze. While this idea is not suited very well to the warehouse or office, it is ideal for spaces like catering and banquet halls, as such finishes compliment chandeliers very well. There are a variety of different glazes and metallic paints available, so before choosing you may want to consult an industrial painting professional or even an interior decorator.


A good choice for loud factories, acoustical paint is designed to absorb moderate-range sound waves. It should be noted, though, that while using an acoustical paint or glaze on your commercial ceilings will dampen sound-leakage and echo in your space, it will not completely deaden sound in a room. In order to completely soundproof your space, you’ll need to use acoustical dampening panels as well.


It seems the Rolling Stones may have been on to something. A growing number of businesses including art galleries, photo galleries, and museums have taken to painting their ceilings jet-black. This gives your space a chic, modern look, and especially when juxtaposed against freshly painted, bright white walls. For a space that offers an interesting, thought-provoking effect, consider “painting it black.”



During the process of dry-fall painting, paint is sprayed onto the ceiling surface. Overspray dries on contact and turns into dust which then falls to the floor and is easily swept away. This method of industrial painting is best suited for spaces with high, exposed ceilings and buildings that house industrial machinery that needs to be protected from falling paint.


Spraying is a painting method that works best in rooms with low ceilings, such as smaller offices and retail businesses. Spraying your ceilings makes for a smooth, professional paint-job that can be done in very little time. Consult your painting contractor to find out if spraying is an option for your space.


While not the most time-efficient way to paint your ceilings, in certain cases painting by hand may be the only option available to you. Ceilings with high levels of detail, such as those in cathedrals, museums, and some older buildings, will need to be painted by hand. Of course, any images or murals on your ceiling (or that you want on your ceiling) will need to be done by hand as well.


As you prepare your commercial and/or industrial space for interior painting, you’ll want to know whether your painting contractor will need to erect scaffolding in order to reach your ceilings. This depends, more than anything, on the height of your ceilings.

Dry-fall painting requires no scaffolding, but it is only effective on ceilings up to about three stories high. Painting ceilings higher than that will require the use of scaffolding. Of course, any high ceiling that incorporates details such as whorls or images will need to be painted by hand, and that too will require the use of scaffolding.

When it comes time to paint the interior of your commercial space, make sure not to make the common mistake of neglecting your ceilings. Chances are there are a variety of options available to you depending on the height and design of your ceilings, and a qualified exterior painting contractor can help you choose the one that’s best suited to you and your commercial/industrial space.

If you’re in the market for an industrial painting company in or around Atlanta GA, let the experienced professionals at Apex Painting and Decorating handle the job for you. Fully licensed and insured, we employ the latest techniques and the best equipment available to ensure that every customer gets the best quality paint job possible. We’re experts at working in challenging environments, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact Apex Painting today for all your industrial and commercial painting needs.