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Commercial Interior Painting

The benefits of having the exterior paint of your commercial or industrial building are immediately noticeable to anyone driving by or stopping in to conduct business. Here at Apex painting, we believe the interior of your business should reflect the same care and attention to detail. You need the comprehensive services of a commercial painting contractor with the knowledge and skills it takes to give you the finish results that set your business apart from the rest.

Keep Your Business Interior Looking Fresh and Contemporary

Investing in interior painting services is a quick and easy way to freshen up the looks of the interior of your business or update it to a more contemporary color. Apex Painting has the skills, tools, and knowledge to handle any commercial interior painting project, whether large or small. Our commercial painting and coating expertise take the protection of every surface material into account. We handle the details of removing:

  • Surface scratches
  • Wall smudges and stains
  • Broken or damaged wallboard
  • Faded color
  • Peeling and bubbled paint

We Work Hard to Protect and Beautify Your Working Environment

The paint, stain, or wall treatments you use on the interior of your commercial property is more than a way to make the environment look beautiful. It helps protect the materials underneath from wear, damage, and dirt. Apex Painting is a commercial painting contractor with the experience and know-how to make sure everything is protected during the job and that every surface worked on yields the best results.

As a business owner or manager, you want every customer or employee that walks through the door to get a positive lasting impression. We offer the latest in painting techniques and equipment and will meet or exceed your expectations. We can help in all aspects of painting, whether you’re looking for a new color scheme for a quick facelift or seek a protective coating to your important interior structure. We have the right products and skill to get it done fast.

Complete Wall, Trim, Baseboard, Doorway, and Window Frame Painting

The painting your interior walls to look like new is a beautiful thing unless the company you choose gets careless with the tight spots. Successful navigation around and on areas of trim, baseboards, doorways, and window framing is necessary for the results to look their best. We are a commercial painting company you can count on to deliver a consistent, high-quality, professional finish under any condition.

Wood Staining and Wall Treatment Application or Removal

Borders made of a fabric or paper-type material were popular in past years, but any wallpaper nowadays makes your business interior look dated and in need of an upgrade. Apex Painting can remove these materials without damage to your walls and cover the surface in the paint colors you choose. Our experts can also remove texturing and wainscoting for a more uniform look.

As an experienced commercial painting company, we are also trained to do all types of staining and surface protection coating for wood walls, trim, and baseboards. We can remove old surface products and make the wood look like new. Many of the more modern products offer better protection from wear and UV ray damage.

Reliable Specialists in All Types of Paints and Protective Coatings for a Variety of Substrates

Every different commercial property has specific concerns when it comes to painting and other protective coating applications due to the wide variety of materials used in construction. Our reliable team of painting specialists goes beyond the basic knowledge of much commercial painting company personnel. We take the time to thoroughly inspect the surfaces you want to be covered and will recommend the best products to bring a lasting finish.

We can coat a variety of surfaces like:

  • Concrete
  • Plaster
  • Wallboard
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Red iron
  • Poly plastics

One-Day Painting Services for Most Jobs

The complete painting of the interior of your business is not a project that keeps you tied up for days or weeks. At Apex Painting, we have the skill and equipment needed to get most minor projects done in a day. Less downtime means you can keep rolling along with fewer business interruptions. Our commercial interior painting services provide the right amount of labor and equipment it takes to get done in the shortest amount of time possible.

We can work in the most challenging environments. Our scheduling is flexible to impact your business as little as possible. We can work during the week or over the weekend, whichever is best for your business operations.

We Handle Projects Throughout the Southeast United States

We are headquartered in Conyers, GA but handle all types of industrial and commercial interior painting throughout the Eastern United States. Apex Painting brings its expertise to you and offers superior quality and long-lasting performance for all of our painting and surface coating results. We’re so confident you’ll be satisfied with our services that we back the results for a full year. It’s one of the best investments you can make to keep your interior surfaces looking great and protected from daily wear.

Industrial Interior Painting Experts

We view each project as unique and work diligently to provide the painting and coating solutions you need for your building and required result. Our commercial interior painting expertise includes commercial spaces like:

  • Industrial plants and warehouses
  • Aeronautics
  • Hospitals and health clinics
  • Universities, clinics, and hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical companies and their equipment

We take the time to handle each project with little disruption to your business and offer a long-lasting finish, and you can be proud of for years.

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming project with our painting specialists. We are a fully licensed and insured commercial painting contractor providing complete commercial and industrial interior painting services all across the East coast of the United States.

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