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Whether you are planning a new construction project for a small healthcare building, a large industrial complex or any other type of commercial building, you understandably are focused on completing every last detail on time and on budget. At Apex Painting & Decorating, we are new construction contractors specializing in painting and coatings for industrial and commercial properties. With more than 30 years of experience serving satisfied clients in the Atlanta area and throughout the East Coast, we are the professionals who you can rely on to complete quality work on time and one budget.

Special Needs of New Construction Projects

We regularly work directly with general contractors as well as owners and construction managers for a wide range of commercial property types. These include:

  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Multi-Use
  • Government
  • Higher Education
  • Sports & Entertainment Venues
  • Hospitality

Regardless of the property type, commercial new construction projects have special needs that must be addressed for a successful outcome. This begins with realistic budgeting and accurate time estimates. At the beginning of each new construction project that we work on, we communicate openly with the general contractor to develop an accurate estimate through gross maximum pricing. Our upfront efforts include developing a realistic time frame that improves overall project management. With our flexibility to work on projects on the weekdays and over the weekends, we will do what it takes to get the work done on time.

New construction sites can be messy, and mess often leads to safety issues and poor workmanship. To address these challenges, we always clean our project area at the end of each workday. With our deep understanding of new construction projects and with our focus on doing our part to streamline project management, we will rise to deliver a great experience and impressive results.

Beautiful Finishes for Commercial and Industrial Properties

While we are headquartered in Conyers, GA we have been beautifying new commercial and industrial properties throughout the East Coast for decades. Paint is among the most common applications that we apply on walls and other surfaces. Generally, paint offers decorative and protective benefits, but there are a wide range of paint types and other coatings. Through our extensive experience, we will apply paints and coatings that are well-suited for the specific type of surface as well as for the environment that the coating will be in. Many specialty coatings, such as epoxy and others, require skilled application techniques for the best results. We can assure you that each member of our team has been carefully selected based on experience and has the proper training and expertise to get the job done right.

The same level of care that we apply for painting and coating projects extends to other finishes that we provide. Floor coatings are protective and can impact safety and aesthetics and must be perfectly applied. Wall murals, wallpaper, fabric panels and other wall coverings also fall within our specialties. We work closely with our clients during the design process to ensure that we deliver the beautiful results that they need to see in their building on a daily basis. We always use high-quality materials and expert techniques to produce long-lasting results.

Specialty Projects Completed to Your Specifications

Aesthetics in your finished construction project can directly impact employee morale, professional image, branding, the visitor experience and more. In addition to providing all of your wall and floor coating needs, our expertise extends to display boards as well as design and protection for walls and corners. We are focused on utilizing the most advanced methods and equipment in every project that we complete. Regardless of how challenging the work environment is, we strive to produce results that hold up well even in high-traffic areas and that also meet your functional needs for the space.

With protection features installed for your walls and corners, minor damages related to nicks, scratches and more will be minimized. Periodic repair and maintenance work is required in any commercial building, but our protective features minimize the scope of these projects and help you to retain the aesthetic appeal of your space. Whether you request display boards, wall coatings or other services from our team, you are assured that we will put forth our best effort from start to finish.

Exceptional Quality That Lives Up to Your High Standards

Our new construction clients need the work on their building to be completed on time and on budget, but sacrificing quality and reducing expectations to do so is not acceptable. With our diligence preparing a cost and time estimate upfront, our team is allocated an adequate amount of time to complete quality work that lives up to your expectations. Regardless of how significant and complex the project is, we always focus on quality. Our new construction contractors are properly trained to produce superior results with the most advanced and modern equipment. We stand behind our work with written guarantees based on the project specs.

Our Focus on Site Safety

Apex Painting & Decorating is licensed and insured, and each of our painters has been thoroughly vetted. We understand the importance of safety on your construction site, and we can assure you that we take safety seriously. We are OSHA-trained and abide by established safety standards. Through our adopted safety program, we assign an in-house safety director to every project that we work on. The director establishes safety procedures for our team and reviews these procedures with our team before any work begins. This includes requirements for the use of personal protection equipment, fall protection equipment and more. Disciplinary action for those who fail to follow our established requirements is discussed, and we actively enforce penalties as needed. We also take additional steps to ensure safety at the construction site, including hosting daily safety meetings and completing regular site inspections.

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At Apex Painting & Decorating, we have proudly met the painting and specialized coating needs of our clients in the Atlanta area and throughout the East Coast for decades. We are looking forward to learning about your industrial or commercial new construction project and helping you to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to request a consultation with our team.

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