Wallcovering Services

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Wallcovering Services

Wallcoverings are essential for customizing your business with your brand’s likeness and for the unique services that your company provides. The right wallcoverings can give your facilities a sophisticated appearance with designs and styles that can be fully tailored. Apex Painting delivers award-winning fine craftsmanship for businesses that need wallcovering services done right. With the help of our company, you can get demanding projects completed with world-class quality without exceeding your budget.

Full-Service Wallcovering Solutions

With over 30 years in business, we have successfully established wallcovering services as one of our company’s core areas of specialty. Apex Painting in Conyers GA has completed complex wallcovering projects for a diverse range of clients, including hospitals, large corporations, public arenas, and high end offices. 

Our deep expertise in wallcoverings is the main reason why our company has managed to work with some of the most sophisticated clients in the markets we serve. We have in-depth knowledge about the characteristics and properties of wallcoverings for a wide scope of applications. Our team members are also familiar with the latest equipment and techniques to achieve optimal results in projects involving wallcovering installation and removal.

Best of all, our company can also apply industrial paints and coatings as part of your project. You can, therefore, leverage Apex as a full-service provider to apply all coatings throughout your place of business without having to rely on multiple contractors. Additionally, we serve businesses throughout the entire Southeast Coast, so you can count on us to give you consistent results in all of your regional establishments.

Services Designed Around Your Schedule

When running a business, we know very well that time is money. Wallcovering installation services that are planned improperly can sometimes lead to costly operational interruptions. Our company eliminates the possibility of slowing down your operations by working on a flexible basis that is aligned with your ideal schedule. We can work at times when your company shuts down for maintenance, after your hours of operations, or during the time of year that is right for your business.

We Complete Jobs Promptly

Our company also helps to minimize interruptions by simply getting jobs done in a timely manner. Some wallcovering removal and installation companies in Atlanta GA will try to work for only a few hours each week to gradually get a job done, but this can drag out projects in a way that severely impacts your ability to do business. For instance, imagine if teams working on a wallcovering removal project left partially exposed walls in the lobby of your office for weeks while they waited to have the time to finish their work. In the meantime, you would have to deal with a poorly designed space and unsightly trash and tools that could chase your clients away.

We utilize a unique process where we concentrate our resources on one project at a time to quickly get work done. Our staff members will take their time to do their individual roles properly, but our team as a whole will be organized in a way where work will get completed in a prompt manner. When we start working on one area of your facility, we do everything in our power to finish it on the same day. For multi-day tasks, we make a concerted effort to leave no trace at the end of each work day, and we will give you back-to-back daily scheduling. When you can avoid slow downs that negatively impact you as a paying customer, why settle for less?

Fully Vetted Staff

At Apex, we go out of our way to respect the confidentiality and safety of our clients. Our team members are carefully vetted with thorough background checks. We confirm that each new hire does not have problems that can increase risk at a client’s facility, such as criminal records, serious financial difficulties, or other issues that correlate with high risk. We have instituted a zero-tolerance policy for our staff that covers all forms of unethical activity at jobs sites, and this has helped us to hold a track record of never having a problem with theft, corporate espionage, or other issues that justifiably concern our clients. However, the main reason for our highly ethical reputation is because we are owned, managed, and staffed by people who have a genuine commitment to doing what is right.

Fully Insured

At Apex Painting, we protect our clients with comprehensive liability insurance. Apex has an excellent safety record, so we can afford a top insurance plan without increasing our cost structure. In the very unlikely case where one of our staff members experiences a catastrophic injury while completing a wallcovering installation or removal job at your facility, our insurance policy guarantees our ability to pay all necessary compensation. Most importantly, our commitment to our clients means that we would go out of our way in good faith to make the situation right if the worst were to happen at your job site.

Licensed and Trained Specialists

All staff members at our company have gone through OSHA training, and they hold the necessary licenses to complete wallcovering jobs in the states we serve. Many of our employees have also learned significant skills on the job, so they can give you the high-quality results that only experienced artisans can deliver.

Guaranteed Results

Our company stands by the quality of our work by offering a full money-back guarantee. If we fail to meet your expectations, we will gladly return every payment that you sent our way. We offer a money-back guarantee because we are committed to providing total satisfaction for all of our clients. You can, therefore, try out our world-class services without any risk of loss. Our clients have consistently stayed loyal to our company after completing initial projects, and we invite you to try our services to see why firsthand.

Launch Your World-Class Wallcovering Project

Whether you are looking to refinish an existing facility or need to customize a new property for your needs, Apex Painting is ready to help you get the exceptional results your business demands. We are always happy to answer your questions, so feel free to reach out for expert advice on your project and a complementary free estimate on our wallcovering services.

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