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When you’re looking to protect your business’ property and keep it free of rust, you need to hire a painting company that has experience painting commercial buildings. Not all paint jobs are created equally, so you need a company that specializes in facility maintenance painting. You can trust Apex Painting, which serves Conyers, GA and Atlanta, GA, to do the work in a professional and thorough manner because we have the experience, and we work on a wide variety of commercial projects, so we can serve a wide variety of businesses.

What We Paint

We specialize in painting commercial properties. Residential and other types of properties need different kinds of paint and processes. Business owners also have different needs than homeowners in terms of scheduling, so we put all of our efforts into serving the needs of commercial property owners.


We provide facility maintenance services to office buildings, factories, and other commercial properties to protect the structures from damage from the elements of the work space. Many work environments have moisture and debris in the air, which can damage the walls, and paint can prolong the life of many rooms in the building.

Metal Structures

The metal structures on commercial building properties can rust and corrode without well-maintained paint coats. That’s why we paint metal structures at office parks, warehouses, factories, tank farms, powerhouses, and manufacturing plants.

Time Management

We know that time is money in almost every industry. If a machine at a manufacturing plant needs to be shut down for commercial facility maintenance, this can often mean unfilled orders, which results in a loss in profits. That’s why we focus on providing our facility maintenance services quickly so that you can get all aspects of your business up and running as quickly as possible.

Who We Hire

Since we know that you need work done quickly, we only use our own hired employees and never contract out our work. All of our employees are trained to work in your type of industry, so you never need to worry about sloppy or inefficient workers when you hire us to do your commercial painting job. We also have complete control over the quality of the work that our employees provide. Our employees are fully vetted, and we train them on how to do the work safely and quickly.

Our Expertise

We want you to know that since we specialize in industrial and commercial facility maintenance painting, we understand the properties of paint in those contexts. After all, painting an industrial machine is very different from painting your living room. We’ve been in business for 30 years, so we have plenty of experience and know all of the best practices in the facility maintenance painting industry, and we’ve worked on a wide variety of jobs. We also know about the latest equipment and techniques, which helps us keep our commitment to safety while giving your results that will last long and look great for as long as possible.


Safety is one of our core values. Not only do we want to keep our employees safe during the painting process, but we also want to ensure that we’re keeping your employees safe whether we’re painting when they’re there or they’re coming back after we’re done. We’re trained in OSHA regulations so that no one is injured because of our practices.

The Quality of Service We Provide

When you hire a company to go to your property and paint, you want quality workmanship, but you also want quality service and the assurances that come with a business that stands behind its work. That’s why we are fully insured and 100% guarantee our work.

Benefits of Working With a Fully Insured Business

When you work with a company that is fully insured, you have the extra sense of security that if anything goes wrong, we’ll be able to take care of it. If there is an accident on your property that causes damage to it, our insurance will be able to pick up the costs.

The Value of Being a Licensed Contractor

You should be wary of contractors who are coming in way below the bidding prices of every other contractor for the same job. In many states, it’s the law to be licensed, so you should always check to ensure that the contractor that you choose is licensed.

Why We Guarantee Our Work

We guarantee our work because we want all of our customers to have full confidence in us and the work that they will receive. If you’re unhappy with the work that we provide, we’ll ensure that the issues are addressed.


We know that for many of our clients’ operations, getting the work done at the right time is of paramount importance. Many manufacturing plants run around the clock and on weekends, and if a plant closes at night, we need to get the work done quickly so that we’re supporting your business operations. That’s why we have flexible scheduling. If you need the work done over the weekend, we can do that for you. We’re also available during the week or whenever it works within your schedule.

If you need your commercial painting job done by professional painters, contact Apex Painting. We have the experience to do facility maintenance painting projects safely, on time, and within budget so that you reap the rewards of a freshly painted environment without the hassle.

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