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Industrial Painters

Industrial painting of machinery, equipment, structures, and buildings is crucial for protecting surfaces from the weather and corrosion so that their lives can be extended. Conveniently located in Conyers, Georgia, Apex Painting is your solution when you need industrial coatings for your projects located throughout the Southeast Coast. We work together with our clients to ensure that their projects run smoothly from the start to the completion of the project and the final walk-through. If your company uses certain colors, we can match them to make certain that multiple locations are consistent in their appearance.

Our services

Apex offers a broad array of industrial services to help to correct problems and to prepare surfaces before we paint. Our painting professionals go through extensive safety training to make certain that they perform their industrial jobs safely and protect both themselves and our clients’ employees so that everyone can go home safely at the end of the day. Our painters prepare facilities before they begin working and keep the areas safe and clean while they work. We have special coatings that are designed to meet the OSHA guidelines for various industries and food manufacturers, hospitals, and others.

Our industrial services help to keep your commercial space looking new while also preventing rust from forming. Industrial coating and painting with Apex can extend the life of your machinery, lockers, conveyors, storage bins, tanks, structures, and commercial buildings.

We understand the importance of your business operations and will work with you so that we do not disrupt your normal schedule of production. We work to complete large projects quickly and strive not to interrupt your company’s workflow.

Industrial painting services require special industrial painting equipment, experience, and expert painting and coating skills. Apex does not use any subcontractors for our industrial painting jobs. Instead, we rely on the expertise and training of our highly skilled employees.

Why working with an industrial painting contractor is important?

Painting and coating industrial generators, water towers, tanks, piping, equipment, and structures help to protect them from corrosive elements and the environment. Repairing and painting these surfaces protects them and preserves your investments in your production equipment and industrial structures.

Our industrial painting process

When you contact us, our project manager will work together with you to make certain that your project will be expertly managed and executed. We can work within your time frame and schedule our work to minimize disruptions to your business operations. Some of our interior services include the following:

  • Blasting
  • Power washing
  • Epoxy coatings and industrial paints
  • Work in confined spaces
  • Work at heights
  • Tank coatings

We can work to help you to optimize the use of your budgeted maintenance allocations by recommending appropriate paints and coating procedures that can save money on the project and the repair and replacement costs of your equipment in the future.

Our commitment to safety

We are committed to safety in all aspects of the work that we do regardless of the size of the project. Our employees are fully trained in OSHA standards for complex commercial painting applications in industrial manufacturing settings and under demanding conditions. We make certain to use the correct equipment and coating techniques to ensure that our clients’ projects are performed per the right safety standards. To meet your specifications and standards, we have experienced industrial painters and hold a commitment to worker safety. We are financially stable and offer flexible scheduling and high-quality painting work to meet your needs.

From our headquarters in Conyers GA, we complete projects throughout Atlanta GA and the entire East Coast region. We have more than 30 years of experience and strive to provide top-quality painting services while taking care of our employees. Some of the reasons that companies choose us include the following:

  • We offer painting services throughout Atlanta GA and the entire East Coast.
  • Our team includes trained, dedicated employees.
  • Our on-site project managers guide every job from the beginning to end so that you will not have to provide oversight.
  • We focus on providing our clients with a friendly and smooth service experience.
  • We comply with all safety standards and guidelines.
  • We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your project will be performed correctly.
  • We adhere to approved accounting procedures.
  • We can help you to budget your project and understand cost estimating.
  • We have the skills to handle nearly any paint application.

Our full-service industrial painter services include the following types of projects:

  • Agri-chemical plants
  • Chemical and petrochemical facilities
  • Automotive manufacturing equipment and facilities
  • Crane runways and cranes
  • Ductwork and dust collectors
  • Food processing and manufacturing plants
  • Electrical transmission towers
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Industrial gasoline facilities
  • Materials handling equipment
  • Pollution control equipment
  • Power substations
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Storage tanks
  • Steel plants
  • Pipelines

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When you are searching for a full service industrial painter, Apex is able to meet your needs. With more than 30 years of experience and fully trained painting professionals, we are able to handle industrial jobs of any size. To learn more about our industrial painting contractor services and to obtain a quote, contact us today at 770-760-1525.

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