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Take Your Flooring Performance Up a Notch With Epoxy Coating

The flooring you choose has everything to do with longevity and performance. At Apex Painters, we strive to offer you the latest and best flooring technology to give you beauty, performance, and long-lasting workmanship. Our expert epoxy floor painters will add a layer of protection to your existing floor that outlasts nearly any other product on the market.

What is Epoxy Floor Coating?

An epoxy floor coating is a layer of material applied to an existing floor that consists of part resin and part hardener. When mixed, it hardens to a plastic material that’s both durable and easy to maintain. The difference in epoxy flooring types satisfies the needs of a variety of industries.

Epoxy Mortar –

An epoxy mortar floor is an epoxy blend mixed with sand and troweled onto the flooring surface. It’s one of the best flooring options to guard against chemical damage and heavy equipment use.

Self-Leveling Epoxy Floor –

Is your current concrete floor less than perfect? Are there cracks and unlevel areas that make it difficult to move equipment through? We can apply the epoxy material and it will self-level to create a seamless, perfect surface. You’ll have a new floor for the fraction of the cost to remove and install new concrete.

Anti-Static Charge Epoxy Floors

The release of an electrical charge from floor levels can prove catastrophic in some environments. It can destroy sensitive electronics in technology-based companies or manufacturers, ruin sensitive equipment in hospital settings, and prove explosive if there are combustibles around. Additives to epoxy flooring can help ground the floor and conduct electricity away from the surface.

Non-Skid Quartz Epoxy –

The addition of colored quartz into epoxy material provides a tough, non-skid surface perfect for locations prone to get wet, such as shower floors, areas surrounding swimming pools, and any industry working with liquid-based products. We can install a flooring surface that keeps your employees safe from slip-and-fall injury.

Flake and Color-Infused Epoxy Flooring –

Add a dramatic look to your showroom floors by including colored or metallic flake, or liquid color additives to the epoxy. You’ll end up with a one-of-a-kind result that adds contemporary style to your business interior.

How Epoxy Floors Benefit the Environment

Many warehouses, factories, industrial plants, and other commercial floors are made of concrete. It provides a solid floor for years, but it will begin to deteriorate over time. Concrete is also a porous material that allows chemicals to seep through and enter the ground below the foundation. Our epoxy floor painters can install a seamless epoxy floor that seals the concrete and eliminates the worry of chemical contamination.

The resulting plastic coating over your concrete floor will add many years of life to your existing flooring. You won’t have to tear up the original floor and send it to the landfill. It’s beneficial to the environment and saves natural resources. You can feel good about the investment made in helping protect the environment.

Extend the Beauty of Your Building’s Interior to the Flooring

Don’t leave the floor out of your interior renovation plans. We can provide epoxy floor coating for your Conyers GA business that adds a perfect touch of flair and style to your finished design. You can easily seamlessly add color and texture and end up with a floor that everyone will love.

Our epoxy floor experts can help you pick the perfect flooring for:

  • Retail spaces
  • Warehouses
  • Factory floors
  • Industrial buildings
  • Hospitals and health clinics

Our epoxy specialists know what it takes to get you the results you want. We work hard to bring your vision to life. Your new floor will look great and last for years with little maintenance. It’s an affordable way to step away from the ordinary with commercial flooring. The brilliant shine and splash of color will make your business shine.

Easy-to-Clean and Sanitary Surface

One benefit of hiring skilled epoxy floor painters is getting a floor finish that is easy to maintain in any commercial or industrial environment. You won’t spend a fortune on specialized tile cleaners and your maintenance crew or service will be able to keep it looking like new at all times.

Hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities need flooring that stands up to high traffic, looks great and is easy to keep sanitary. Keeping germs down to a minimum is a concern in any health-related facility. Having floors, you can maintain without much effort is the perfect solution.

Sport’s facilities, concert halls, universities, and public schools can all find the durability and easy maintenance of epoxy floors a huge benefit in reducing the cost of care and replacement of traditional flooring materials. If you have a large floor space to cover, we can get it done with minimal interruption and downtime.

Add a Tough Surface to Protect Your Concrete

Your concrete might look and perform without a problem today, but what about a few years down the road? Adding an epoxy floor coating now will help keep your concrete protected from the wear-and-tear of heavy equipment, materials, products, and constant foot traffic. It’s a proactive solution to keep your concrete from cracking, breaking, and becoming water damaged.

Our epoxy experts can help you plan the perfect floor coating that answers to the specific needs of each area of your building. You can non-skid surfaces to part and go all the way with color and design for your main areas and entry. We handle all types of epoxy flooring and always guarantee you’ll be happy with the results.

Contact Apex Painters and find out more about our epoxy flooring services. We are licensed and insured with over 30-years of experience. We handle epoxy flooring all throughout the Greater Atlanta area and the Southeastern United States. Our pledge to you is a result you can be proud of and we stand behind our work with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

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