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Commercial properties need special attention. This is why most facility managers and business owners hire janitorial services. It would be ludicrous to leave your interiors uncleaned. However, too many business owners and facility managers fail to address the outside of their buildings. The exterior of your building is just as important as the inside, but regular janitorial services will not be sufficient. Instead, you need pressure washing service from Apex Painting.

What Is Commercial Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is a process that sprays water with high pressure. This high pressure increases the force by which the water connects with the surface. With this force, pressure washing is able to scour the surface in a superior fashion. Compared to other cleaning methods, pressure washing is far more effective and faster. Because it is quite forceful, pressure washing is used only on durable surfaces. When done correctly, pressure washing can remove paint, mold, graffiti and even chewing gum.

Where Can Pressure Washing Service Be Used?

One great thing about pressure washing is its versatility. Many regular businesses like banks, office parks and health clinics use pressure washing on their exteriors. However, pressure washing is also incredibly useful in industrial settings. It can be used for warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants and more.

Moreover, you might choose pressure washing in public service facilities for water, water waste, power and more. Specific industries like agriculture, aeronautics and pharmaceuticals can also turn to the power of pressure washing to make sure that their facilities are clean inside and out.

Why Do You Need a Pressure Washing Company?

Obviously, pressure washing comes with an inherent cost. This is one reason why some business owners and facility managers are hesitant to make the investment. However, this hesitation is unwarranted. Pressure washing undoubtedly pays for itself with real and palpable dividends.

The first advantage is the effect. When you use pressure washing to clean your structure, you can instantly make it look brand new again. The effect of pressure washing removes years of dust, grime and dirt. If you have had trouble with mold, graffiti or other exterior decay, pressure washing can restore the building to a vibrant state. This is visually attractive to your clients and consumers.

When it comes to equipment and machinery, pressure washing is also beneficial. With a high powered clean, you can get your equipment back into pristine condition. Pressure washing can clean away debris, grime and rust. This preserves the functionality of your equipment and machinery, which will save you money in the long run.

Power washing is also an efficient use of your time. Other cleaning options take a lot of time, which can result in down time. This can cost you money as you lose out on production or service hours. In business, time is money. If you have to shut down or reduce workflow due to cleaning, then your bottom line will start to suffer. Therefore, you should never settle for less than a professional pressure washing company.

How Does Pressure Washing Work?

Pressure washing uses a targeted spray of water with high pressure. This pressure is achieved by running water through an electric water pump. The water pump accelerates the flow of the water. This increased speed creates higher pressure, and the water can then be directed with care at the desired areas.

Many people are surprised to discover that pressure washing is more effective than soap or other, more abrasive cleaners. Water is an effective cleaning agent, and tough stains and grime usually do not need to be chemically broken down. Instead, all they need is a jet of high-pressure water to blast them away. The speed of the water uses kinetic energy to break up dust, debris, paint and other materials on the surface. Because pressure washing relies on water, it does not damage the surface like other abrasive cleaners.

Is Pressure Washing Right for Your Commercial Property?

Given how effective pressure washing can be, it might seem like the tried and true solution to all your cleaning needs. However, due to the powerful nature of this technique, it should be used properly in the right contexts. Not all surfaces are able to withstand the pressure from this technique. While industrial equipment is perfect for pressure washing, your company fleet may not be the best choice. The force of the water can actually nick the paint and lead to rust.

You should also talk to Apex’s experts before pressure washing decks, sidewalks, painted surfaces and more. However, most concrete surfaces, many wood surfaces and the majority of painted finishes can be safely washed. Working with an experienced company can ensure that surfaces are washed safely.

Why Choose Apex?

You have options for pressure washing service in Conyers GA and Atlanta GA. However, there is a reason why Apex should be your choice for commercial pressure washing. Apex has been in business for more than 30 years. That is three decades of experience, which means you can be confident that we know how to do the job safely and efficiently. We also understand that the bottom-line matters. To best serve our clients, we offer reasonable prices that allow your commercial property to look pristine without breaking the budget.

Apex is headquartered in Conyers GA, but we offer service throughout Atlanta GA and its surrounding communities. In fact, our brand has become so reliable that we have been the go-to name for industrial and heavy commercial pressure washing up and down the Southeast Coast. Because Apex also works with painting and coating, we have a complex understanding of paint and other surface coverings. This allows us to clean them safely under high pressure conditions.

In addition to our knowledge of paint and finishes, we also are adept with the latest technology and techniques within the industry. With this knowledge, we have worked in many challenging environments safely and effectively. All our work is guaranteed, and we offer flexible cleaning options on weekdays and weekends. Our crew is fully vetted, licensed and insured, and we rely on OSHA training. Other companies turn to contractors to fill out their roster, but we rely on our own employees only. We only trust our valued employees to work on your valued property.

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Commercial properties are an investment. We know you value that investment, which is why we value it as well. At Apex, we are confident that our pressure washing service is the safe, effective and affordable solution you need to keep your business in prime condition. Contact Apex to schedule your pressure washing today.

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