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Tank Painting & Containment Coatings

Benefits of Industrial Tank Painting

Your company’s steel and concrete storage tanks and containers are important assets that must undergo periodic maintenance to keep functioning as expected. For instance, a water tower that’s exposed to acidic rainwater and harsh ultra-violet sun rays will eventually degrade without the application of a durable layer of paint to protect its external surfaces.

Storage containers in food and beverage processing plants must be free of internal rust and corrosion to prevent contamination. At Apex Paint, we help to keep your storage tanks and containers clean and structurally sound so that you can continue your business operations uninterrupted.

Selecting the Right Tank Painters

Since replacing a storage tank or container costs your company a considerable amount of time and money, it’s best to extend the life of those assets for as long as possible. Steel and concrete tanks can last over 100 years with regular upkeep. Choosing an industrial painting contracting company that has experience with storage tank painting and containment coatings is the first step to preserving some of your company’s most prized physical assets.

Painting and coating your storage tanks also require a time investment. However, when you hire industrial painters such as those at Apex Painting, you get professionals who work around your company’s schedule. We send out our painters after normal work hours and on weekends to make sure that we service your tanks with minimal disruptions to your operations.

Seven Keys to Our Success

After decades of successful projects, Apex Painting has become a trusted leader for industrial painting and coating in the Atlanta GA metropolitan area and throughout the Southeast coast of the United States. Here are some of the reasons for our outstanding track record.

#1 Proven Processes

It’s our proven processes that help us to deliver quality work for all types of tank painting projects. Our project managers take time to do complete site surveys and gather requirements before they start projects. These steps help the team to know what type of paints are best suited for your facility’s containers.

We prepare your storage tanks for paint or containment coatings by thoroughly cleaning them with high-pressure water spray, earth-friendly cleaners, and sanding as needed. Our painters make sure to apply paint and coatings under the right environmental conditions to make sure that paint applications look great and last.

#2 Updated and Maintained Equipment

Advancements in technology haven’t missed the manufacturing industry. Today’s painting tools make industrial tank painting easier, more effective, and less wasteful. Our technicians are not only equipped with the latest tools, but they are also trained to use these pieces of equipment for all industrial painting applications. We regularly service our painting equipment to make sure that our painters deliver quality services for every project.

#3 Knowledge of Paint Properties

There are excellent paint products on the market now. You can get paint that seals out water and helps to repel surface dust, dirt, and debris. An industrial painting contractor can help you to pick paint products for your storage tank or container that adhere well and perform to your specifications. Our painters know about the properties of various industrial paints and coatings. With their guidance, you can be sure that you’ve chosen the right paint for your industrial project.

#4 Skilled Paint and Coating Application

Even if you happen to choose the right type of paint for your project by chance, an amateur paint application can cause your project to tank. When inexperienced painters misapply paint or correctly apply paint under the wrong environmental conditions, your project can end up taking longer and costing more to complete due to unnecessary rework. At Apex Painting, we know how to apply paint for a professional finish. Our technicians note temperature and humidity levels and work within certain limits to keep our quality standards high.

#5 Vetted, Dedicated Staff

Have you ever been in the middle of a time-critical project, and something goes wrong? Your worst nightmare is trying to get answers from an unaccountable team of subcontractors. The good news is that you can wake up to reality and choose Apex Painting for your tank painting projects. We hire experienced painters who have undergone background checks to work on your important projects. They work directly for our company and are fully accountable for their tasks.

#6 Safety Aware

When choosing an industrial painting firm, you want one that matches your company’s policies and values. If your company prizes safety awareness, then you’ll want to consider Apex Painting for your next painting project.

Industrial painting often involves strong chemicals, heights, and confined spaces. Our painters are trained according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards to paint your storage tanks and containers while adhering to your company’s safety policies. We know how to keep our employees safe in your facility and avoid causing safety hazards for your workers during our painting projects.

#7 Customer Service

All thriving businesses have one thing in common. They build strong relationships in the markets that they serve. Apex Painting is no different. We forge lasting relationships with our customers through outstanding and responsive customer care.

Industries We Serve

Our customers depend on us to keep their storage tanks and containers sealed, clean, and ready to perform for their daily business operations. Here are just a few industries that we serve.

  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Food and beverage
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Municipal water departments
  • Warehousing
  • Aeronautics
  • Hospitals and health clinics

Whether you need to put your storage tanks, silos, or industrial containers on a regular maintenance schedule or get a one-time refresh, our well-trained cadre of tank painters are ready to help you with your asset protection activities. Apex Painting of Conyers GA is licensed and insured and has over 30 years of experience putting safety first for every industrial painting service that we offer. We deliver durable, long-lasting finishes that we complete within schedule and budgetary limits. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call us today for a service quote.

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