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Commercial Painting

Sometimes, all your commercial building needs to look like new is a fresh coat of paint. Paint is far cheaper than a full remodel is and can often provide that great first impression that your customers need for a wonderful experience. However, most commercial and industrial spaces are not all that easy to paint. Tall walls, unique fixtures and massive spaces conspire together to make this a nearly impossible task for you to do yourself. Instead, turn to a commercial painting contractor to discover just how simple and beneficial this process can be when you work with a professional.

Commercial Painting Can Improve Your Business


Are you wondering just how much a coat or two of paint can do for your business? You may be surprised to learn just how many benefits this simple repair can provide.

After years of harsh weather, bright sunlight, dirt and debris, the exterior paint on your building may be peeling, fading or looking quite dirty. Instead of sending a negative message to your current and potential customers, get a fresh coat of paint on your space as quickly as possible to reap some of the following benefits.

-Create an amazing first impression before your customers ever walk in your door.
-Improve employee morale with beautiful surroundings.
-Set your facility apart from the competition with paint colors and symbols particular to your brand.
-Maintain the exterior of your building or factory with a fresh, clean surface.
-Improve the value of your property with interior and exterior painting.

Professional Painting Services
Are Best for Commercial Spaces

Now that you are convinced of just how much a fresh coat of paint on your commercial space will help your business, you may be wondering how you can get this accomplished. After all, most commercial and industrial spaces are large, and the walls are far different from what you would find in your house. Just as you would probably not rewire your whole building yourself or completely rework your building’s plumbing on your own, you should also not attempt to paint your commercial space without professional help.

A professional commercial painter has the tools and tricks of the trade that your business needs to looks its best. Plus, professional painters have plenty of experience in working on all types of buildings and can handle your unique needs.

One of the most important benefits you will reap from hiring a professional commercial painting contractor is a high-quality finish on the completed surfaces. Once the paint dries, you will not have to worry about peeling or flaking paint, nor will you have to worry about an uneven surface. Professionals know exactly how to prepare surfaces, strip old paint and protect expensive equipment in and around your facility.

Of course, professional commercial painters also have the tools necessary to reach every last bit of your space. Most commercial and industrial spaces call for more than just a ladder when it comes time to repaint. You may need a boom truck, scaffolding, professional spray guns and pipe painters, which can be quite expensive to rent and unsafe to use if you are not familiar with them. When you hire professionals, they will bring all the tools they need to the job.

In addition, professionals will help you choose the right paint type and color for your needs, dispose of unused paints at the end of the project and work around your business hours so that customer service is disrupted as little as possible. The guarantee of quality that you will receive when hiring industrial painters is well worth your investment.

Our Core Values

Our years of experience and extensive knowledge in the painting industry allow us to offer our clients not only a beautiful and enduring end-product but a proven stress-free process to achieve that end.

You Can’t Beat Our Warranty

We offer a two-year labor and material warranty and we schedule a one-year follow up walk-through.

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We have been in business for over 30 years and have customer testimonials to back up our claims.

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We show up on schedule, work hard to minimize disruptions, and leave your home neat and clean.

Apex Painting Can Help You

When you want to work with a commercial painting contractor with plenty of experience in the field, choose Apex Painting. Based in Conyers GA, we have served numerous commercial and industrial businesses throughout the southeastern states for over 30 years. We specialize in many commercial painting areas, including painting commercial buildings, steel structures, tanks, condominiums and factories. Some of the buildings we have painted in the past include the following:

-Industrial plants
-Tank Farms
– Water & wastewater facilities
-Pharmaceutical companies and their equipment
– Hospitals and health clinics
-Office buildings
-Food and beverage
-Correctional facilities

Painting Beautiful Spaces

We value at our very core being Exceptional, Efficient, and Exceeding Expectations….

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You can choose our industrial painters with confidence, knowing that we are specialists in our field. We are familiar with all of the newest painting equipment and techniques and ensure that your completed commercial space looks its very best. Plus, we guarantee all of our work for one year and are licensed and insured.

We know that your daily work is important to you. Therefore, we try to schedule our painting services around your business hours. We offer flexible work schedules and can work on weekends when needed. In most cases, our typical jobs are completed in only one day, ensuring the fewest number of distractions for your employees and customers.

Using professional commercial painting services is a long-term investment in your business. In fact, regular repainting of your building can actually save you money over time. By hiring Apex Painting, you can rest assured that your paint job will be completed precisely using the highest quality paints and the most up-to-date methods. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you or to request a service quote.

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